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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Photo by Singkham at Pexels.

Welcome to Leading Ladies! I am excited to launch this blog as a site for women to learn about and discuss topics related to women in leadership. Take a moment to share in my enthusiasm with this welcome video clip.

Welcome Video

My vision for Leading Ladies is that it serves as hub for women to find information and contribute to the conversation about current challenges and opportunities facing women as leaders in their homes, schools, places of work, and communities. And beyond that, I hope we will create a global community in which together we do three things:

engage ~ inspire ~ elevate

I have been planning a blog like this for a long time. In fact, for years I have been concerned about the lack of positive messaging in our world. As we are assailed by negative images and stories in the news, I desired to create a space that supports individuals to create goals that are born of their greatest imaginings, where we can hear the voices of inspiration and be supported by members of a like-minded community. I'm fond of the quote often attributed to George Bernard Shaw that is paraphrased as:

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."

Yet for years, I wasn't doing it. I was only planning to; preparing. So, yes, I planned this blog for far too long without taking any substantive action. Recently, while reading the work of Tara Mohr, I was struck by a passage in which she articulated that many women live in a space of planning and preparation, and are reluctant to make their work visible to a larger audience, even the audience that they intend to serve. Those words jumped out at me as if Tara had been speaking to me directly.

So I decided in that moment to put this blog up and create it as we go with this community of women. I hope you will join me in the endeavor!


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