Weekend "Reads": Online Courses with +Acumen

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The interesting thing about Leading Ladies for me so far has been how much I learn from each conversation. During this week's Monday Mentorship with Ana Torres, Ana shared a key resource in developing her leadership style: +Acumen

Therefore, the weekend "read" review is not a book, but a digital platform offering innumerable personal and professional development classes. +Acumen articulates their focus as follows:

+Acumen offers world-class online courses

that empower you to think differently,

learn collaboratively and join

a global community of learners and doers

with a burning desire to change the world.

While I haven't taken +Acumen's classes personally, Ana has and credits the platform for influencing her leadership style. Specifically, she noted the Adaptive Leadership course which is centered around adaptive change theory from Harvard Business School. The current offering began this month and you can still join. If you don't want to play catch up with a course that's already started, browse dozens of other offerings (many of which are also free).

Happy learning!


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