Monday Mentorship with Early Childhood Educator Erin Trautman

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Monday Mentorship: A Conversation with Erin Trautman

Monday Mentorship is an opportunity to learn from a woman who is a leader in her field. We discuss her career trajectory, challenges, and advice for other women. Today's conversation is with Erin Trautman.

Erin is the Early Childhood Center Head at The American School Foundation Mexico City. During our conversation, one thing that was clear to me is the importance Erin places on nurturing relationships. As both an educator and parent at ASF, Erin has seen the value in building a strong base on which to engage faculty and staff in collaborative practices.

Her situation is different from that of other Monday Mentors in that Erin has made advancements in her career to divisional leader within one organization. Having been in Mexico City and affiliated with ASF for two decades, she offers a unique perspective on the importance and advantages of trust, longevity, community, and work ethic.

Another key perspective Erin shares is about the power of mentor relationships. She attributes her success, in part, to supportive and encouraging women who pushed her along the way and advocated on her behalf. The importance of those relationships has influenced her philosophy about the power of relationship building and how that impacts the day to day work on campus with her staff.

Listen to the Monday Mentorship conversation with Erin and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. How do you go about building relationships with your colleagues and staff?


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