Monday Mentorship with Early Childhood Principal Melaney Tinkess

Photo courtesy of Rawpixels.

Monday Mentorship with Melaney Tinkess

In a few short weeks, Monday Mentorships has been all around the globe and today we circle back to visit with Melaney Tinkess, who I talked with a few weeks ago. I'm excited to share the conversation with Melaney, an Early Childhood Education Director at School of the Nations in Brasilia, Brazil.

She spotlights a few important aspects of her leadership style that resonated with me, such as setting clear expectations, clear communication, and follow through. In the busy work day, it's easy to assume that everyone is on the same page, however, one of my values is growing shared understanding. For me and for Melaney, this means clearly articulating expectations: what's my responsibility? Yours? And ours?

Another important characteristic that Melaney shares is growth mindset. She is a learner and has capitalized on having strong mentors during her career. This is something that we are hearing over and over again at Leading Ladies.

Tell us in the comments below: What has been your experience with professional mentors? If you had/have one that was/is exceptional, what makes that mentor stand out for you?


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